Benefits of Consumer
Facing Devices

Digital Interactions in physical locations

The trend of online retail has undoubtedly been embraced by both shoppers and businesses as an easy, quick, and convenient way to sell, explore, and purchase products, creating a connection between shopper and brand. Although online shopping has its benefits, an e-commerce site is not always enough to convince a shopper to make a purchase.

Online shopping is great for quick browsing and fast checkout, but in-store shopping is ideal for product experiences. Sometimes it does not make a difference whether certain products are sold or purchased online or at a store. Does a consumer really care about feeling the material of their dog food bag or feeling the heft of a stapler? Of course not. However, hearing the sound produced by quality headphones or testing the responsiveness of a smartwatch screen calls for further product exploration that can only be achieved with a trip to a physical retail location.

Even though a tangible product experience is unmatched, the digital side should not be disregarded. Today’s savvy shoppers have learned to use a balance of e-commerce sites and brick and mortar stores to help them get the most out of brands and products, and businesses are taking note. More and more brands are adapting to provide their customers with a seamless online/offline experience, fusing digital aspects into physical locations to meet shoppers’ demanding wants and needs.

So how exactly can businesses bring the vastness of the online world into the limited space of a brick and mortar location? The answer is Consumer Facing Devices, or CFDs. These interactive retail solutions provide a more enriching in-store experience and create consistency between online and offline, bridging the gap between digital and physical interactions to benefit both shoppers and businesses.

Outform has created our own line of CFDs called iDISPLAY tablets. With their interactive features, which can benefit both the shopper and the business, there are tons of ways iDISPLAY tablets can benefit a business, brand, or product. Let’s explore a few of them.


Think a consumer facing devices won’t fit into your business type? Think again! The beauty of CFDs is that they can benefit any type of business – small or large, new or old. An iDISPLAY tablet can add that extra layer of pizzazz that is sure to be noticed by shoppers.

What is one of the most boring places you can think of spending time? How about a doctor’s waiting room. Outdated magazines and TV channels set to mute create a very stale environment for guests, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. iDISPLAYs are a great way to spice up any waiting room by using them as a platform to stream relevant content to guests or as a digital exam room to educate patience through interactive diagrams.

iDISPLAY tablets can be implemented as digital menus for a restaurant to show off delicious food photography, interactive screens in a clothing store to show how a dress looks on the runway, or in a car salon to provide customers with more information on the vehicle model and let them explore its different colors and finishes. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

iDISPLAY are versatile in the content they can feature as well as in their build. The family of sizes, ranging from 5” to 60”, and the different mounting options, will make iDISPLAY tablets your business’ new best friend.



Store associates can handle a full work day with plenty of customer interaction, so why shouldn’t the technology in your store? iDISPLAY tablets help your business run at its fullest with powerful hardware that can withstand continuous use from customers. They also act as a great sales tool for associates to create a more powerful conversation with customers to ultimately lead to a sale.

WiFi and 3G capabilities keep iDISPLAYs always connected, Android OS opens up an enormous library of applications to enrich a customer’s experience, and Pulse technology powers the tablets to make them an interactive, informative, and entertainment power-house…all while looking elegant.


Ease of use.

Consumer facing devices should never be intimidating, but instead should create a fluid and easy experience for both customers and associates. Navigating an iDISPLAY is a no-brainer to help customers explore and learn about the brand or product to get the most out of their in-store experience. Customers want a seamless experience from businesses and brands, so they expect what they see online to match what they get in-store. Installation, control, and updatability are a breeze and content can always stay up-to-date to reflect current campaigns, creating a perfect merge of online and offline interaction.


The take away lesson here is that customers want immersive, enriching, and consistent experiences in both a digital and physical space and appreciate a business or brand that can provide them just that. Consumer facing devices such as Outform’s family of iDISPLAY tablets can help achieve this, giving your business a cutting edge to convince your shoppers that you can meet, and surpass, their wants and needs.

If that’s not enough reason for you to consider including an iDISPLAY tablet in your business then take a look at all the features and functions here.