EuroShop 2020

Transformational retail experiences showcased by Outform at the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair

Occurring once every three years, EuroShop is the world’s number one retail trade fair. This year, Outform attended the five day fair in Düsseldorf, Germany where we unveiled a number of cutting-edge retail technologies.

These solutions will enable sales growth, and increased efficiency to your marketing initiatives, wider awareness for your brand and more interactivity with your audience. We can support you to include these solutions into your existing in-store program.

As we continue to champion and shape the future of retail, it has been an incredible experience for the Outform team to showcase our insight, technology, and creativity alongside other industry leaders.

Below are some of the many transformative retail experiences that we showcased at this year’s EuroShop. Reach out to us if you would like to incorporate them into your strategy and let us support you by offering a 360 degree solution to your retail needs.


LED animation that transforms the traditional lightbox to create new and impactful retail experiences. Based on a fixed LED plate, Dynamix is configurable to size and format and can integrate mounted showcase elements such as hangers, shelves or TV brackets. The creative options are limitless and infinite configurations can be custom made for any retail needs. Click here to learn more.



Visual merchandising, security and interactivity, all in a single solution for mobile devices to deliver impact in-store. Each pedestal has an embedded projector that acts as an interactive display which can be projected onto a variety of surfaces and triggered by touch, lift or motion. Customers can explore product features and messaging by touching the projected content which can be remotely uploaded and managed. Equipped with it’s own media player and alarm system, or configurable to use existing alarms and other media players, the Inform 360° will transform the presentation of mobile devices in-store. Click here to learn more.

Outform | Inform 360 Experience from Outform on Vimeo.



This experience creates instant customer engagement, delivering entertainment and immersion through the combination of augmented reality and RFID technology. When a product is lifted from the rack or pedestal, the RFID sensor sends a signal to the media player that triggers content relating to the product selected. Customers can explore products in a tactile way while also viewing additional information to help them make a decision, opening opportunities to show alternative colors, materials or models of the selected items. Click here to learn more.



To invite product discovery and leverage small retail spaces with large inventory, we created a system that optimizes categorization and exploration. The Robotics Experience allows a wide range of products to be stored and showcased, all while using infrared sensors that maintain product security. Click here to learn more.


Wearable Experience:

This display enhances the shopping experience for higher priced products by removing the need for intimidating glass cases, allowing customers to have full and free access to touch and try on. This table features two different options for wearable products, using the patented Smart Cushion and the C-Clip. Click here to learn more.


Voice Experience:

Activated with any custom wake word, this first-time retail innovation allows customers to speak to the display, triggering an interaction. A pre-programmed list of spoken commands can show off the ability of the products to simulate real-life application without being affected by background noise even in the busiest of environments. Click here to learn more.



The interactive experiences are brought to life through the incorporation of OSMs (Outform Standard Modules) and triggers. OSMs act as the brain of the operation while triggers initiate a signal that creates an interactional experience. The Interactive Experience Collection is designed to be flexible and to work together easily to build customizable systems, leveraging a brand’s unique set of needs through innovative, engaging, and tactful interactions. Click here to learn more.


Trend Talks with Simon Hathaway:

On the first day of EuroShop, Outform EMEA’s Managing Director Simon Hathaway spoke on EuroShop’s POPAI stage about industry trends and brands’ opportunities to shape the future of retail. Simon’s discussion was followed by an interview with EuroShop Mag on his thoughts on how Outform’s technology solutions are helping brands to deliver transformational experiences for customers in store.