Future Retail Newsletter #101

Experience matters big time for consumers, sustainability continues to grow in brick-and-mortar, and service-based retailers have overtaken those selling goods.

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OUTFORM // Outform Finds High Street Still Tops For Trying Out New Tech

RETAIL // Sustainability Efforts Expand Beyond Products And Into Brick-And-Mortar

RETAIL // Personalizing The Retail Experience Across Touchpoints

RETAIL // What 5 Retail Industry Leaders Are Saying About Coronavirus

RETAIL //Coronavirus Is Hurting Store Traffic And E-Commerce Won't Help Much, Analysts Say

RETAIL // Storefronts Selling Services Overtake Those Selling Clothes

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Experience Matters Big Time For The Consumer, Reveals Study

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Dick’s Sporting Goods Bets On The Store

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Adidas And Google Team Up On Smart Shoes

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Can Amazon’s New Luxury Platform Challenge Alibaba’s?

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Allbirds Founder: Being a Sustainable Business Is "Not That Hard"

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