Future Retail Newsletter #102

ASMR: what it is and how it plays a role in wellness experiences, the effects of Coronavirus on retail and the power of 3D and AR in creating in-store immersion.

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RETAIL // Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc On Retail Supply Chains Globally

RETAIL // How Retailers Can Build Resilience Ahead Of A Recession

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // How Coronavirus Will Shift Consumer Behavior

TRENDS // How the Coronavirus Is Impacting The Fashion, Beauty And Retail Industries

CX // ASMR Wellness Is Evolving From The Online Sphere To IRL

TECH // AR and 3D Aren’t Just For Digital Commerce — They’re Powerful In-Store Assets

TECH // Can Retailers Win Consumers With Voice Technology?

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Amazon To Open First British Supermarket In Notting Hill

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Look Into The Future With Dazed Beauty Space

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