Future Retail Newsletter #104

Key tech driving retail transformation, connecting with consumers through AR and virtual sales, and how brands survived the previous retail apocalypse.

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OUTFORM // 5 Key Technologies Driving Retail Transformation Today

RETAIL // Uncovering The Factors Changing The Face Of Retail

RETAIL // 5 Critical Things Successful Brands Did To Survive The Retail Apocalypse

RETAIL // How Coronavirus Will Change The Way We Shop

RETAIL // As Physical Retail Dalters, Retail Startups Fall Back On Virtual Sales

TECH // AR’s Revival Of "Brand In The Hand" Marketing

TECH // Fashion and Beauty Brands are Taking AR More Seriously

TECH // In-Store Tech May Boost the Brick-and-Mortar Retail Resurgence

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Virtual Gatherings

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Shopping Platform Streetify Offers Free Digital Storefronts

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Chanel Is Now Making Masks

OUTFORM // COVID-19 Response

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey

OUTFORM // Get More Innovation News