Future Retail Newsletter #107

Retailers plan to reduce reliance on pop-ups, the retail winners and losers for life post COVID-19 and and how the coronavirus will impact retail design.

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OUTFORM // Introducing iDISPLAY Thermometer

OUTFORM // Former Best Buy Heavyweight Chris Brandewie Joins Outform

TRENDS // Has Coronavirus Signaled The End Of Shopper Marketing?

RETAIL // Should Masks Be a Fashion Statement?

RETAIL // The New Superstore

RETAIL // Retailers Plan To Permanently Reduce Reliance On Pop-Ups

RETAIL // Retail Winners And Losers For Life After COVID-19

RETAIL // The Pandemic Likely To Leave A Lasting Legacy On Retail: Fewer Department Stores

RETAIL // Retail-As-A-Service Companies Go Digital To Stay Afloat

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Gen Z: Coming of Age in a Pandemic

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Forward-Thinking Companies Collaborating With The Gaming Industry

DESIGN // How COVID-19 Could Impact Retail Design

TECH // How COVID-19 Could Impact Retail Design: Low-Touch, High-Sense Tech

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // IKEA's China and Germany Stores Re-Open

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // How Vuori Is Preparing For Future Store Re-Openings

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