Future Retail Newsletter #108

Which of UK’s biggest retailers were impacted by COVID-19, the new hybrid superstore of the future, and how three start-ups are flourishing during the pandemic.

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OUTFORM // Outform Launches iDISPLAY Thermometer To Help Retailers Post-Lockdown

RETAIL // Biggest US Mall Owner Prepares To Reopen Properties

RETAIL // Workers Believe UK Retail Might Not Bounce Back After Lockdown

RETAIL // The Pandemic Will Change American Retail Forever

RETAIL // Retail Groups Push For National Pandemic Insurance Program

RETAIL // UK's Biggest Names Impacted By COVID-19

DESIGN // As Pollution Levels Drop, Designers Consider Their Environmental Impact

TRENDS // U.S. Plans Expansion of Testing At CVS, Other Retail Locations

TRENDS // How These Start-Ups Are Flourishing During Retails Darkest Days

TRENDS // The New Superstore

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