Future Retail Newsletter #109

Consumer’s shifting mindset during COVID-19, brands are slowly reopening stores, and the new normal for retail.

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RETAIL // How Fashion Brands Plan To Slowly Reopen Stores

RETAIL // Reimagining Stores For Retail's Next Normal

RETAIL // How to Shorten The Timeline To Get Stores Back In Business

RETAIL // Pandemic To Depress Global Retail Sales By $2.1 Trillion

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // How The Consumer Mindset Is Shifting During COVID-19

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Global Surveys Of Consumer Sentiment During Coronavirus

DESIGN // Anti-Virus Design Changes for Elevators We'll Probably See in the Near Future

TRENDS // Beauty Trends in the Time of Social Distancing

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Harrods To Offer Remote Personal Shopping Amid Lockdown

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // J. Crew Files for Bankruptcy In Virus’s First Big Retail Casualty

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