Future Retail Newsletter #110

Contactless payments see a boost, department stores are in a crisis and retailers begin to reopen under new standards.

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RETAIL // Retailers Are Trying To Develop Frameworks For Reopening Safely

RETAIL // US Department Stores In Crisis As Luxury Struggles

RETAIL // Luxury Stores Test The Water In A Paris Devoid Of Tourists

RETAIL // TJX Opens Stores, Billionaire Buys Stake In Macy's

RETAIL // Pandemic Highlights The Limits Of Store-Based Online Fulfillment

TRENDS // Contactless Payments See Boost As Cash Handling Fear Rises

TRENDS // Should All Fashion Brands Be Selling Masks?

TECH // H&M And Footlocker Are Overhauling How You Stand In Line

TECH // Retailers That Are Smartest About Shopping Tech Will Finish On Top Post COVID-19

DESIGN // As Some Stores Reopen Here’s How Some Brands Are Redesigning Their Spaces

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // American Eagle, Tailored Brands & Clarks Reopen Stores In A New Normal

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Estée Lauder Says Travelers Are Eager To Shop Duty-Free During Pandemic

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