Future Retail Newsletter #111

Consumer sentiment is evolving, BOPIS is gaining more importance, and insights on what consumers are interested in right now.

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RETAIL // The Pandemic Helped Topple Two Retailers And So Did Private Equity

RETAIL // Stores are Building Tools For Shoppers That Know What They Want

TRENDS // Retailers See BOPIS As Gaining Importance

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Consumer Sentiment Evolves As The Next “Normal” Approaches

TRENDS // After COVID-19, Is Curbside Delivery Here To Stay?

RETAIL // DTC Brands Are Sitting Out The First Wave Of Store Re-Openings In Texas

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // How COVID-19 Could Change Our Spending And Saving Habits Forever

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Changes In Consumer Behavior: Rising Retail Categories

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Apple Details Its Approach To Safety In Retail Stores

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nike Aims Phones At The Sky In Search For Sneaker-Shaped AR Cloud

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Asos Debuts AR Tool For Online Shoppers

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