Future Retail Newsletter #112

Chinese consumers will make up half of global luxury purchases by 2025, Gen Z will shape the future of retail post COVID-19, and VR pop-ups will start to show up from more retailers.

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RETAIL // Retail’s Slow Steps Towards A New Normal

RETAIL // How COVID-19 Is Disrupting The Retail Calendar

RETAIL // Retail Sales Plunge A Record 16.4% In April Amid COVID-19

TECH // China's O2O Retail Leads In Technology, But Is Letting Us Down In Content

TECH // As Physical Retail Declines, Storefront Explores VR Pop-Ups

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Chinese Consumers To Make Up Half Of Global Luxury Purchases By 2025

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Gen Z Will Shape The Future Of Retail Post-COVID

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Stadt Hotel Turns Rooms Into Pop-Up Restaurants

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Inside The Cleaner (But Less Convenient) McDonald’s Of The Future

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Best Buy May End Coronavirus Pandemic As A ‘Winner in Retail’

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