Future Retail Newsletter #114

The future of retail in the era of Coronavirus, the growth of voice shopping, and how brands are adapting to the effects of the pandemic.

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OUTFORM // The COVID-19 Retail Evolution: Insights & Implications

OUTFORM // The Technology Creating Peace of Mind in Public Spaces

OUTFORM // Chris Brandewie Knows Where to Look

RETAIL // The Future Of Experiential Retail In The Era Of Coronavirus

RETAIL // UK Shop Prices Fall At Fastest Pace Since At Least 2006

RETAIL // Retail's Influentials Post-COVID-19 Predictions

RETAIL // Everything You Need To Know About How The Retail Experience Is About To Change

RETAIL // Is The Future Of Retailing Going Dark?

TECH // Can Voice Shopping Become China's Favorite Retail Hack?

TECH // How Virtual Try-On Tools Are Proving Their Worth To Retailers

TECH // Sanitizing Tunnels And Booths Could Help Retailers Fight COVID-19

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Jeanologia Has a Solution To Remove Coronavirus From Garments

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Uniqlo Is Using Customers' Photos to Create Tailored Product Recs

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Gucci’s New Tech Bet: Personalized Video Shopping

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Dick’s Sporting Goods Investing In Technology Amid Uncertainty

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