Future Retail Newsletter #115

Video gaming is at an all-time high, streaming services will reinvent shopping, and the new normal of physical stores.

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OUTFORM // Book A Live Demo Of The iDISPLAY Thermometer

OUTFORM // The Future Of The Display Experience

RETAIL // How The Lockdown Revitalised And Reimagined The Pop-Up Scene

RETAIL // What Will The Return Of Non-Essential Retail Look Like?

RETAIL // Record US Retail Sales One Of The Biggest Signs Of A V-Shaped Economic Recovery

RETAIL // What Will The Retail Experience Of The Future Look Like?

CONSUMER INSIGHT // Video Gaming Is At An All-Time High During COVID-19

TECH // The Future Of Shopping Will Be On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, And Disney Plus

TECH // Snapchat Boosts Its AR Platform With Voice Search, Local Lenses And SnapML

TECH // Technology’s Potential To Make Your Brand Sustainable

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Roku Teams With Kroger To Integrate Shopper Data And Streaming TV Ads

OUTFORM // The COVID-19 Retail Evolution: Insights & Implications

OUTFORM // Micro Trends Report

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey

OUTFORM // Get More Innovation News