Future Retail Newsletter #116

UK high street shops are open but half empty, 7 innovative ideas for brick-and-mortar businesses reopening after lockdown, and redefining value and affordability in retail’s next normal.

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OUTFORM // The Changing Face of Health & Beauty

OUTFORM // Shop Goes The Livestream

RETAIL // China’s Retail Market Surpasses the US in 2020

RETAIL // 7 Innovative Ideas For Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Reopening After Lockdown

RETAIL // UK High Streets Half Empty Despite Shops Reopening

TECH // JD & Sony Testing AR Foot-Measurement Tool For Online Shoppers

TECH // Carrefour And Google Launch Voice-Enabled Grocery Shopping

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Redefining Value And Affordability In Retail’s Next Normal

DESIGN // Can Construction Materials Create Quicker, More Affordable, Reusable Fit-Outs?

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Etsy Unveils AR Shopping Tool For Wall Art

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // L’Oréal Glimpses Its Digital Future Amid Pandemic

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey

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