Future Retail Newsletter #118

How retailers are bringing the in-store experience home, what to know about Gen Zers, and the launch of Outform’s Interactive Collection.

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OUTFORM // Introducing The Interactive Collection

OUTFORM // iDISPLAY Thermometer Featured On WSVN

RETAIL // US Small-Business Recovery After The COVID-19 Crisis

RETAIL // How Retailers Are Bringing The In-Store Experience Home

RETAIL // The Pandemic Is Rewriting the Rules of Retail

RETAIL // Retail Concierges 2.0

TECH // MySize, Sweet Fit Launches Virtual Fitting Mirror With Size Recommendation Tech

DESIGN // IKEA and SPACE10 Launch Website To Rethink Interior Design

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Luxury Hubs In Europe Will See A Slow Return Of Tourism

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Gen Zs Will Provide Their Data For A Personalized Experience

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Brands Have ‘Work To Do’ To Meet Shopper Demands

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Uber Will Launch US Grocery Delivery This Month

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lululemon Discounting its clothing

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Canada Goose Opens a Experiential Store

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Walmart’s New Subscription Program is Trying to Compete with Amazon

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey

OUTFORM // Get More Innovation News