Future Retail Newsletter #120

The evolution of consumer behavior during coronavirus, retail’s contactless future, and brick-and-mortar’s allure amongst beauty brands.

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OUTFORM // Back To School Shopping - A Learning Curve

OUTFORM // The Evolution of Consumer Behavior During Coronavirus

OUTFORM // How Technology Is Assisting The Integration Of Health & Beauty

RETAIL // Brick-And-Mortar Retail Hasn't Lost Its Allure Among Beauty Brands

RETAIL // The Next Normal In Retail: Charting A Path Forward

TECH // How Fashion Is Using Tech To Weather the COVID Storm

TECH // Is Retail’s Contactless Future Here Now?

OUTFORM // Interactive Collection - Contactless Retail Solutions

CX // Why The Storefront Will Take Precedence Over The Sales Floor

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // How The Crisis Is Changing Consumer Behavior

DESIGN // How Mixing Art & Retail Can Work In China (And How It Can’t)

BRAND HIGHLIGHT// DoorDash & Walgreens To Deliver OTC Drugs & Other Health Products

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Walmart Canada to Spend $3.5B On Technology And The Customer Experience

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Neiman Marcus Launches Virtual Hub

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