Future Retail Newsletter #122

Virtual experiences have replaced physical trips, how retailers are carving out a contactless path, and the Zennial generation.

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MICRO TRENDS // Jet Setting: Out, Virtual Travel: In

TRENDS // How Retailers Are Carving Out a Contactless Path

RETAIL // Costco’s More Affluent Customers Helped Prevent The Sales Slowdown

RETAIL // Culture Out Of Crisis: The Living Room Is The New Showroom

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Zennials: The In-Between Generation

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Re-Building Consumer Confidence As COVID-19 Hits Retailers Worldwide

TECH // Burberry Blends Physical And Digital With First Social Retail Store In China

TECH // Walmart Shares 'Ask Sam' Voice Assistant With All Employees

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Carrefour Launches New Pet-Store Concept

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nike To Open House Of Innovation In Paris

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Why TJ Maxx Doesn’t Need E-Commerce To Survive The Pandemic

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Publix Grows Hydroponic Produce At Greenwise Store

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // How German Superstar Aldi Is Trying To Disrupt American Grocery

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