Future Retail Newsletter #124

How holiday shopping will change this season, why companies are buying bankrupt retailers, and who the next-normal consumer is. This and more in this week’s Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL // How ‘Animal Crossing’ Became the Video Game Brands Are Cashing In On

RETAIL // Huge E-Commerce Gains Are A Blaring Siren To Brick-And-Mortar Retail

RETAIL // Why Are Companies Battling To Snatch Up Bankrupt Retailers? They Want Your Data.

TRENDS // From Black Friday To Parking Lot Pop-Ups: 5 Ways Holiday Shopping Will Change

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Experiences Are More Valuable Than Buying Something

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Meet The Next-Normal Consumer

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // I Want My DTC TV? Shopify Debuts Reality TV Show

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Barnes & Noble Wants To Be A Great Bookseller Again

 BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Selfridges Partners With Clothing Rental Company

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