Future Retail Newsletter #125

Why short-term stores are set to thrive, the struggle of American malls to stay afloat, and the expansion of live shopping on social media.

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OUTFORM // Titleist Product Portfolio

RETAIL // This is How Covid-19 Could Destroy 300 American Malls

RETAIL // Pop-Up Power: Why Short-Term Stores Are Set To Thrive

TECH // Facebook Announces Shop, Instagram Expands Live Shopping

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Why Consumer Behavior Has Reached 2030 Levels

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE // Keeping Employees & Shoppers Safe Through Thermal Imaging

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Three Ways To Restore Consumer Confidence For Shopping In-Store

DESIGN // Virgil Abloh and AMO Design Flexible Flagship Store In Miami

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // After Nearly 200 Years, Lord & Taylor Goes Out Of Business

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Best Buy Online Comps Grow 242% In Q2

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Mall Owner Simon Property Sees An Opportunity In Bankrupt Chains

OUTFORM // Touchless Retail Solutions

OUTFORM // Industry Insights: Grocery Deep Dive

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