Future Retail Newsletter #128

Virtual communities have become more crucial, people are spending more on furniture, clothes and restaurants, and sustainability’s role in the future of retail design.

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OUTFORM // The iDISPLAY Thermometer Is A Touchless Solution Designed To Instill Safety

SMART HOME SERIES // The Smart Home Retail Revolution

MICRO TRENDS // Store Fitting Rooms Are Going Virtual

RETAIL // People Are Spending More On Furniture, Clothes, Restaurants And Bars

DESIGN // Why The Climate, Rather Than COVID-19, Will Define the Future of Retail Design

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR // COVID-19 Has Made Virtual Communities Crucial

TECH // 6 Examples Of In-Store Tech Innovations For The Covid-19 Era

TECH // Stores In Japan Are Stocking Shelves With Remote-Controlled Robots

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lilium Finds Its First Flying Taxi Hubs

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Uses Augmented Reality

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Amazon Launches Luxury Fashion Shops

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