Future Retail Newsletter #129

Covid’s creation of the Generation N consumer, how retailers should prepare for this year’s weird black Friday, and the unmanned and automated supermarket in Sweden.

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RETAIL // The Retail Future We Envision

RETAIL // Coronavirus And Luxury Retail: Shopping For Used Hermes, Cartier In Covid Era

RETAIL // How Retailers Should Prep for a Weird Black Friday

RETAIL // Why Covid-19 Is A Wake-Up Call For Luxury Brands

TRENDS // How Retailers Are Carving Out a Contactless Path

TECH // Google's New Search Features Let Shoppers See Curbside, In-Store Pickup Offering

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // How COVID-19 Created A New Kind Of Consumer In Just 90 Days

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lifvs Brings Unmanned Supermarkets To Rural Communities

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Amazon Wants You To Know What Products Are Sustainable

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