Future Retail Newsletter #131

Experiential retail still has a chance, messaging is becoming the default channel for communication between brands and shoppers, and consumers are expecting brands to have a point of view on social issues.

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RETAIL // Will Covid-19 Kill Experiential Retail? Not So Fast.

RETAIL // Reimagining Retail For A Post-COVID Era

RETAIL // How Gen Z And Millennials Are Shaping The Future Of US Retail

RETAIL // UK's Retail Parks Were Once The Future. Now They Look Like Relics Of The Past.

TRENDS // Half Of Holiday Shoppers Plan To Use Curbside Or Contactless Pickup

TRENDS // 6 Lessons On How To Scale Sustainability, From Walmart And Grove Collaborative

TECH // Retailers Are Hyping QR Codes As Key To Safe Shopping

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE // Preparing For The Post-Physical Customer Experience

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Ikea Is Opening 50 Small-Format Stores Globally

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