Future Retail Newsletter #132

A new at-home VR treadmill presents the future of gaming, multi-functional spaces are the saviors to physical stores, and Prime Day’s role in reshaping the retail industry.

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RETAIL // The Path Forward For The US Retail Industry

RETAIL // 4 Ways E-Commerce Has Shaken Up The Retail Industry Over The Past 5 Years

RETAIL // The Rise Of Multi-Functional Retail

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Gen Z Spending Hits An All-Time Low

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Changes To Customer Behavior That Brands Need To Pay Attention To

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Dollar General Launches A New Concept Store Aimed At Suburban Women

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Virtuix Is Developing A Home Version Of Its Omni VR Treadmill

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lowe's To Offer Curbside Trick-Or-Treating This Halloween

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Simon Shares Could Be A Buy Even As Pandemic Continues To Ravage Malls

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