Future Retail Newsletter #135

During the pandemic consumers are still eager to spend, health and fitness habits are on the rise, and secondhand clothes have had a surge in online sales.

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OUTFORM // Introducing Dynamix by Outform

OUTFORM // The Changing Shape of the Health and Fitness Market

RETAIL // Electric Car Brands Lynk & Co And Polestar Offer New Retail Models

RETAIL // The Boom In Online Shopping For Secondhand Clothes

RETAIL // Americans Show They're Eager To Shop Even As Pandemic Stretches On

RETAIL // Pier 1 Relaunches As Online Store

CONSUMER TRENDS // On Alibaba's Singles Day, Chinese Consumers Look To Spend More

DESIGN // Apple Stores Add Glowing Window Displays For iPhone 12 Launch

TECH // Walmart Gave Up On Its Inventory Robots

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey

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