Future Retail Newsletter #138

4 Covid shopping trends that will outlive the pandemic, the changing economics of the retail store floor, and eBay’s drive-thru sneaker appraisal station.

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RETAIL // Changing The Economics Of The Retail Store Floor

RETAIL // Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson: Retail Will Recover

RETAIL // Holiday Shopping In 2020

RETAIL // The Small Shops In Battle With The Retail Giants

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Shopper Behavior Has Changed. Should Your Shopper Marketing Strategy Change, Too?

TECH // Interactive AR Projector

TRENDS // 4 Covid Shopping Trends That Will Outlive The Pandemic

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // eBay Offers Free Appraisals At Drive-Thru Authentication Station

OUTFORM // Catch Up On Last Week's News

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey