Future Retail Newsletter #139

Delivery robots are thriving, AI is generating affordable art, and a German nightclub hosts party-goers in VR.

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RETAIL // Cyber Monday Draws $10.8B In Sales

RETAIL // The Death Of The Department Store And The American Middle Class

TRENDS // Delivery Robots Thrive In The Coronavirus Lockdown

TECH // Virtual Environment Technology Allow Limitless Experiences

TECH // A New Item For Your Holiday List: AI-Generated Fine Art

TECH // German Nightclub Bootshaus Recreated In VR

TECH // Walmart Illuminates Holidays With Drone Light Show

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Sony PS5 Sold Out Online As Pandemic Chills Real-World Retailing

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Walmart+ Will Focus On Experience And Gradually Add perks As It Scales Up

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey