Future Retail Newsletter #144

COVID-19 has turbo-charged the digital beauty experience, virtual fitting rooms become an essential e-commerce tool, and Sony unveils their immersive music studio. This and more in this week’s Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL// COVID-19 Has ‘Turbo-Charged’ The Digital Beauty Experience

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // If Given The Choice, Nearly Half Of Consumers Prefer To Shop In-Store

TECH // Inventors Create Working Hoverboard

TECH // 2021 Fashion-Tech Predictions

TECH // Virtual Fitting Rooms, From Marketing Gimmick to Essential E-commerce Tool

TECH // Cadillac Shows Off Single-Eater VTOL Drone Concept

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Sony Unveils Immersive Music Studios

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // A Closer Look At RH's Aspen 'Ecosystem'

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Wild One, The Design-Focused Dog Brand Expands Into Target Stores

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // EBay Targets Mobile Shoppers with Holiday AR Sweepstakes

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey