Future Retail Newsletter #146

The pandemic could change grocery stores forever, children can now produce and star in videos alongside Lego characters, and the booming ‘crypto-clothing’ market. This and more in this week’s Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL // The Pandemic Could Change Grocery Stores Forever

RETAIL // 10,000 Stores Are Expected To Close In 2021

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // The Most Overlooked And Overhyped Retail Trends of 2020

TRENDS // How The Reddit Retail Trading Crowd Ran Over Wall Street Pros

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // ThirdLove Unveils 3D Online Fit Quiz

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Convenience Store Accommodations

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lego Partners With Universal To Create AR Music Video App

TECH // Is It Time To Invest In Virtual Fashion?

TECH // More Brands Are Looking To Augmented Reality Product Try Ons To Drive Sales

TECH // How Covid Turbocharged The QR Revolution

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey