Future Retail Newsletter #147

The shift to contactless retail experiences, which brands are leading the store retail design revolution, and the 8 most innovative cities in the world. This and more in this week’s Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL // COVID and Quarantine Are Driving Contactless Retail Experiences

RETAIL // What Does A Government Reckoning With Google And Facebook Mean For Retail?

TECH // Don't Call It A Comeback, QR Codes Never Went Away

TECH // Apple’s New Betas Let You Try Its Watch-Based Solution For Masked iPhone Unlocks

TRENDS // Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Commerce

TRENDS // The Most Innovative Cities in the World

DESIGN // Nike And IKEA Lead Store Retail Design Revolution

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Kia Seeks Partners to Build Apple Car in Georgia

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // SPACE 10 - The IKEA Research And Design Lab Exploring The Future Of Living

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Ford Is More Than Doubling Its Investment In Electric And Autonomous Vehicles

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nordstrom Shares Tumble As 2021 Sales Outlook Disappoints

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey