Future Retail Newsletter #149

The DTC Trends To Watch In 2021

Fashion apparel makes a comeback, the DTC trends to watch in 2021, and how marketers are embracing hyper-personalization. This and more in this week’s Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL // External Reference Designs The Next Frontier For Experiential Sneaker Retail

RETAIL // After a Year of Uncertainty, Retailers Embrace Agility in 2021

RETAIL // Fashion Apparel Makes A Comeback, Focus On Digital Deepens, And Other 2021 Predictions

TRENDS // 8 DTC Trends To Watch In 2021

TRENDS // Why Google’s Shoploop Missed The Social Shopping Trend

TRENDS// How Marketers Are Embracing Hyper-Personalization In 2021

TECH // Want a Pandemic-Friendly Way to Try on Makeup? There's an AR Solution for That

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // People Are More Likely To Trust And Buy Purpose-Driven Brands

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // IKEA Releases Furniture Collection To "Democratise the Gaming Experience"

OUTFORM // Newsletter Survey