Future Retail Newsletter

August 12th, 2019

Why automation is key to consistent customer experience, how brick-and-mortar retailers are staying relevant, and how Kmart is appealing to Australia’s love of tech through AR.

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RETAIL // Airbnb, Target, And Walmart Are Betting On The Experience Economy

TRENDS // Innovative Tactics Keeping Brick-And-Mortar Stores Relevant

INSIGHTS // Why It's Time To Drop The 'E' In E-Commerce

STRATEGY // Eight Shifts That Will Take Your Strategy Into High Gear

STRATEGY // Out-Of-The-Box Retailers That Can Inspire Your Next Strategy

CX // Automation Is Key To Delivering Consistent Customer Experiences

DESIGN // Neuroscience & Design Psychology Of Awesome UX

DESIGN // Czech Republic's Moon Club

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Kmart Australia Launches AR Campaign

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Google Is Making A New Commitment To Sustainable Design

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