Future Retail Newsletter

July 1st, 2019

Retailers are using data to help personalization efforts, how digitally native brands are upending the American Mall, and why signage is worth retailers’ investment. This and more in this week’s edition of The Future Retail Newsletter.

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OUTFORM // Highlights From Globalshop 2019

RETAIL //The Experience Economy Is Blurring The Lines Between Hospitality and Retail

RETAIL // How Digitally Native Brands Are Upending The American Mall

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Muslim Lifestyle Brands Rising

TRENDS // Why Retailers And Co-Working Spaces Continue To Co-Mingle

STRATEGY // Retailers Are Hacking Data To Inform Personalization Strategies

TECHNOLOGY // Digital Signage: Is it Worth the Investment and How Can Retailers Use It?

DESIGN // Dispensaries Lead The Way In Innovative Retail Design

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Outdoor Voices Activates The Future of Omnichannel Retail

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Sonos and Google Explore Science of Sound with Interactive Experience

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