Future Retail Newsletter

July 22nd, 2019

How multi-brand stores are evolving beyond just selling products, the performance metric that retailers are overlooking and H&M’s latest strategy to appeal to consumers.

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RETAIL // The Most Important Metric In Retail

RETAIL // New Data Shows Impact Of Emotion In Experience-Based Retail

RETAIL // DTC Brands Grow Up And Multi-Brand Retailers Shift Strategies

DESIGN // Transportational Interiors

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Shopping Is An Omni-Channel Journey

TECH // Havaianas Used AI To Create A Shoppable Virtual Storefront

STRATEGY // H&M Has A New Strategy To Avoid Retail's Deadliest Mistake

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Bentley Celebrates 100 Years With 'Vision Of The Future' Experience

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lululemon Takes Experiential Retailing To 20,000 Square Feet

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Toys ‘R’ Us Is Coming Back With A Different Twist

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