Future Retail Newsletter

July 29th, 2019

How childhood memories can trigger sales, how one company is trying to take the anxiety out of using VR in public, and Nestlé’s stunning coffee pop-up. This and more in this week’s edition of The Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL // What Will The Impact Of Brexit Be On UK Retail In 2019?

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // A Large Amount Of Customers Will Buy Your Product For This 1 Reason

STRATEGY // Retail Space Strategy Of Yitiao.tv

STRATEGY // How Peach and Lily Is Using A New Pop-Up To Gather Customer Data

DESIGN // A Beijing Pop-Up Brings All The Coffee Drinkers To The (Court)yard

TECHNOLOGY // In London, The Un-Geeking Of Public VR Use Has Officially Begun

TECHNOLOGY // Drone Performance Lifts Off At Kennedy Space Center

TECHNOLOGY // Don’t Watch A Movie. Feel It!

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Louis Vuitton X Exhibition

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // New Store Concept In Romania For Energy Group Enel

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