Future Retail Newsletter

August 19th, 2019

Why mind-reading technology is closer than you think, how digital payments aid Chinese consumer luxury sales and a look inside Google’s top-secret design lab. This and more in this week’s edition of The Future Retail Newsletter.

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OUTFORM // Future Retail Magazine - August Issue

RETAIL // The Farm Bill’s Effect On CBD In Beauty

RETAIL // Brands Are Using Curated Product Assortments To Reach New Shoppers

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Why Digital Wallets Aid Luxury Sales

DESIGN // A Textile Retailer In China Recreates A Maker’s Studio

DESIGN // Exclusive: A First Look Inside Google’s Top-Secret Design Lab

TECHNOLOGY // Retailers Feel Ill-Prepared To Support Emerging Mobile Tech

TECHNOLOGY // Mind-Reading Technology Is Closer Than You Think

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // How Barneys New York Lost Its Cool

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nike’s New Membership Model For Kids Amplifies Shift To Direct Sales

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