Future Retail Newsletter

September 3rd, 2019

How omnichannel builds strong customer relationships, Samsung’s new tech playground, and Costco’s overwhelming popularity in China.?This and more in this week’s edition of The Future Retail Newsletter.

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CX // Focusing On Customer Experience Is No Longer Optional

RETAIL // Omnichannel Support To Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

RETAIL // New Store Openings: Versace In Beijing, Chanel In Paris, Everlane In L.A.

TECH // How Googly Eyes Solved One Of Today’s Trickiest UX Problems

DESIGN // Not Your Typical Cafes

DESIGN // China Looks To Art Galleries To Bring novelty Into Movie Theaters

DESIGN // Wavy White Concrete Roof Tops Foster + Partners' Aventura Apple store In Miami

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Samsung KX, A Tech Playground That May Be The Future of Retail

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Costco's First China Store Was So Popular It Shut Down Traffic

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Boxed To Offer Beauty And Apparel Through Century 21

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