Future Retail Newsletter

September 9th, 2019

Why sportswear brands are jumping at the chance to appeal to female consumers, how CBD is saturating retail, and how Puma is using tech to create a?connected store experience?in its flagship space.

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OUTFORM // CBD Is Saturating Retail

RETAIL // Target's Announcement May Completely Change Its Retail Business

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CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Have Women Reshaped The Sportswear Market?

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TRENDS // Fashion Brands Are Trying To Capitalize On The Booming Cannabis Industry

DESIGN // You'll Soon Be Able To Rent a 3D-Printed Dwelling Designed For Mars

DESIGN // Why Concrete Is The Trending Design Material

DESIGN // A High-Tech HQ Gives Employees A Phygital Personal User Journey

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Puma’s New Flagship Brings Products To Life

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