Future Retail Newsletter

September 16th, 2019

Cheeto’s flaming hot runway show and style bar, why Nordstrom is accepting returns from competitors, and why stores are focusing less on products and more on service.

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RETAIL // Finding The Next Unicorn: An Investor's Look At The DTC Landscape

CX // Brands Are Opening Service-Based Stores To Attract New Customers

TRENDS // Rethinking Packaging In A Zero-Waste Fashion World

TRENDS // The Future of Luxury? Digital Transactions Aided By Trusted Human Advisors

TECH // We’re Still Not Getting Voice Assistants Right

DESIGN // The Shoebox Museum Celebrates Sneakerhead Packaging

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Walmart’s Robot Army Has Arrived

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // AT&T Reinvents the Live Sports Experience Through 5G And AR

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nordstrom Tests Accepting Online Returns Bought From Rivals

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Inside the Dazzling, Incredibly Orange Cheetos Fashion Show

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