Future Retail Newsletter

September 23rd, 2019

How cameras are fueling retail innovation, full-body deepfakes are the next step in AI-Based human mimicry, and brands are adopting sonic branding.

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DESIGN // A London Dessert Spot Made For Instagram, Snapchat And TikTok

RETAIL // What is it about Tmall?

RETAIL // How Niche Western Brands are Accidentally Gaining China Market Share

RETAIL // From Dead Store to Pop-Up "Social Infrastructure"

RETAIL // The Hottest Retail Interior In China Is Not In Beijing Or Shanghai

RETAIL // How Consumers Are Driving Physical Retail

TECH // Full body deepfakes are the next step in AI-based human mimicry

TECH // Sonic branding: Sound is becoming an important part of brands’ repertoires

TECH // How AI Can Save The Retail Industry

TECH // Cameras Help Fuel Retail Innovation

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Gymshark’s space offers a refreshing take on wellbeing

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Saint Laurent Opens A Café For Paris Fashion Week

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