Future Retail Newsletter

October 14th, 2019


What consumers look for in an in-store experience, what innovation means to retailers and how Gen Z will be shopping this holiday season.

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RETAIL // Selfridges Sees Slowing Growth Amid Heavy Investment

RETAIL // The department store of the 21st century isn't Macy's

RETAIL // What ‘Innovation’ Means to Retailers

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Retail lessons from China: What you need to know

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Gen Z To Shop In-Store For The Holidays

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // What Are Consumers Looking For From An In-Store Shopping Experience

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // New Balance Creates Pop-Up Pizzeria For New York City Marathon Campaign

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // The Coolest New Gallery Is Your Local Celine Store

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // New Kind of REI Store

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Toys "R" Us Has Relaunched — With Some Help From Target

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