Future Retail Newsletter

November 11th, 2019

The potential of voice technology for brands, five trends driving the future of retail and how Nordstrom nailed its NYC flagship store.

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RETAIL // American Dream Retail and Entertainment Complex

RETAIL // Mapping The Physical Locations Of DTC Brands

RETAIL // Making Common Retail Feel 'Like New'

RETAIL // The 2020 Vision For U.S. Retail And Beyond

STRATEGY // Drug Chains Should Consider Foodservice Programs To Re-Ignite Traffic

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE // Driving Exceptional Customer Experiences In Retail

TRENDS // Five Trends Driving The Future Of Retail

TECH // Will Alibaba’s AR Makeup Technology Change the Chinese Beauty Market?

TECH // AR Tops List Of Tech That Makes Users View A Brand As Innovative

TECH // The Future Of Voice Tech Requires More Creativity From Brands

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Ferrari Revs Up Luxury Fashion Offerings With Armani Partnership

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nordstrom Nails Its NYC Flagship Opening

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