Future Retail Newsletter

November 25th, 2019


Physical stores are creating better customer experiences, digital brands are upending the mall, and partnerships are helping DTC brands test the market. This and more in this week’s Future Retail Newsletter.

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RETAIL // How Brands Look For Low-Cost Ways To Test Physical Retail

RETAIL // Retail’s Most Buzzed About Flagships of 2019

RETAIL // How Digitally Native Brands Are Upending The American Mall

STRATEGY // Rent The Runway And Nordstrom Have Big Plans To Reshape Retail

STRATEGY // How Retailers Are Trying To Win On Delivery Ahead Of The Holidays

TECH // Why Visually Enabled Retail Is Coming Into View

CX // Better Consumer Experiences In Physical Retail

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Polo Builds Ice Lounge Inside Bloomingdale’s To Promote Outerwear

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lululemon's Mall Of America Megastore Puts Experiential Retail

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Nike Direct Plans To Boost Tech To Grow Sales At Flagship Stores

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