Future Retail Newsletter

December 23rd, 2019



Newly launched stores with impeccable design, how retailers are tracking customers this holiday season, and Neiman Marcus’ shoppable holiday video.

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RETAIL // How Retailers Can Use Tech To Turn Physical Stores Into Genuine Destinations

RETAIL // How Retailers Are Tracking Customers This Holiday Season

RETAIL // What All of 2019's Bad Retail News Means for 2020

DESIGN // Stores From Wood Wood, Canada Goose, Florim And More

STRATEGY // Innovation in Grocery Retail: Lessons From Leaders

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Balancing The Tension Between Consumer And Sustainability Desires

TECH // Retail Robots Are On The Rise—At Every Level Of The Industry

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Neiman Marcus Unwraps Shoppable Video

 OUTFORM // Get More Innovation News

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