Future Retail Newsletter

January 20th, 2020

The latest retail tech innovations from CES, why RFID is struggling to catch on, and Toyota’s city of the future featuring AI and robots.

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RETAIL // E-commerce Companies Eye Pysical Retail

RETAIL // Sephora, Rent the Runway Aim To Unlock Social's Commerce Opportunity

RETAIL // Brave New World Of Retail: Walmart’s Robots Are Just The Beginning

TECH // Could the Future of Fashion Be Virtual?

TECH // Experiences And Electronics Come Together at CES

TECH // After Years Of Hype, RFID Is Still Struggling To Catch On In Retail

TRENDS // 5 Top Tech Trends For Retail From CES 2020

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Toyota Is Building A "Smart" City With AI, Robots And Self-Driving Cars

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