Future Retail Newsletter

February 10th, 2020

How modern consumers are redefining the hospitality industry, how companies are tackling Instagram shopping, and the continuing growth of experiential retail stores.

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OUTFORM // Meet Outform At EuroShop 2020

CX // Meeting Place Or Retail Space? This Multi-Brand Store Prefers The First Title

RETAIL // 5 Experiential Store Concepts To Visit In NYC

RETAIL // How Hong Kong Became A "City Of Malls"

RETAIL // How The Fashion Industry Is Coping With The Coronavirus Crisis

RETAIL // Can Luxury Retail Attract A New Generation Of Shoppers?

TECH // Carless Cities

TECH // Voice Shopping Via Smart Speaker Is Growing Slower Than Expected

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // How Modern Consumers Are Redefining The Hospitality Industry

TRENDS // How Small DTC Companies Are Tackling Instagram Shopping

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Sephora To Open 100 Stores In 2020

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Levi’s Testing Smaller-Footprint Stores for 2020

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Kia Hosts Experiential Activations At Australian Open 2020

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