Future Retail Newsletter

February 17th, 2020


What retail AI looks like in Western Europe, how Showfields is perfecting the rotating retail experience, and the key takeaways from the 2020 China Social Retail Playbook.

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OUTFORM // Meet Outform At EuroShop 2020

TECH // What Retail AI Looks Like In Western Europe

TECH // Walgreens Is Expanding Its Digital Cooler Doors Ad Network

INNOVATION // Consumers Can Now Consistently Watch Their Carbon Footprint

RETAIL // Can American Retailers Survive In China With Tensions Rising?

RETAIL // UK Retailers See Biggest Sales Jump In Six Years

 RETAIL // Showfields Founder :"The Only Thing That's Died Is The Old Retail Customer"

RETAIL // Key Takeaways from BCG x Tencent 2020 China Social Retail Playbook

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // 7-Eleven Enters The Fray, Cashierless Stores Stay In The Test Phase

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // First Look: Staples Launching New Retail Concept In Boston

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Vans Opens its first Community-Driven Retail Store In Downtown LA

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