Future Retail Newsletter

March 2nd, 2020

In this edition of the Future Retail Newsletter Outform EMEA’s Managing Director speaks about industry trends and the future of retail, 50 of the world’s best retail displays and how retail technology needs to progress.

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OUTFORM // Simon Hathaway - The Future Of POP

OUTFORM // Our AR + RFID Experience At EuroShop 2020

RETAIL // How Physical Retail Provides Opportunities For Consumer Outreach

RETAIL // John Lewis, Polo Ralph Lauren & HomeSense Perform High Among Consumers

RETAIL // Creating Retail Enterprises Built For Change

RETAIL // Will Store Associates Become The Ultimate Personalization Tool At Retail?

RETAIL // 50 of the World’s Best Retail Displays

CONSUMER INSIGHTS // Southern Hemisphere Retail: More Alike Than Different

TECH // Extended Reality Becomes The Norm At Sundance

TECH // What Retail Technology Needs To Do Next

DESIGN // This Simple Design Solves One Of The Biggest Problems In UX

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // How SARS Led To The Birth Of China E-Commerce

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Virginia Legislature Clears Way For Amazon Delivery Robots

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