Globalshop 2016
Las Vegas, USA

Visitors explore Outform's interactive executions

After months of preparation Outform made a splash at Globalshop 2016, enjoying three days of fun and excitement. It was a busy event with hundreds of visitors during the three-day period. Featuring both our standard products and custom displays, those who stopped by had plenty to engage with as they explored the work of our in-house development and production teams.


The Outform booth was an open concept design allowing visitors to easily move and explore the different sections and products. With a modern, sleek look the Outform booth concentrated on communicating our company core principals – attract, engage, inform. Each section contained accompanying executions which told the Outform story and showed visitors what Outform was all about.

From setting up for the event to the show itself, it was an exciting experience for both the Outform team and our guests. Here are some of the show highlights:

The Moto 360 Retail Display created a lot of buzz. Through its clean design, innovative C-clip security and charging technology, as well as its interactive component users saw the display as the perfect solution when it comes to easily trying on a product in store, leading to more purchase decisions. The display also won the top award in the Personal Electronics and Software category! Find out more about the Moto 360 Retail Display here.


Outform’s Up by Jawbone Shopper Engagement display also made a nice impression on visitors. Both informative and engaging, the display can attract a fitness nut or someone who is not familiar with activity trackers at all through thought-provoking questions and an interactive touch screen, converting curiosity into purchase. The display even took home a top prize in the Sports Equipment category! Find out more about the Up by Jawbone Shopper Engagement display here.


Our Absolut Electric Showcase Display was also hard to pass by. The display is able to ignite Absolut’s brand presence in any off-trade environment, standing out amongst competitors through the use of animated lights and the classic Absolut bottle silhouette as the focal point to capture shoppers’ attention and convert consideration to a purchase decision. The display is truly on brand and received a Popai OMA Award in the Wine & Liquor category! Find out more about the Absolut Electric Showcase Display here.


We would also like to congratulate our client Under Armour for winning Store of the Year! We are proud to have our giant display up front and center stage of the store! Find out more about the Under Armour larger-than-life torso here.


Our Absolut Travel Retail 3D Pedestal positions the brand in a point of prominence making it impossible to miss. The display draws attention to the Absolut bottle on top through an innovative base which contains a matrix of LED lights, enabling the viewer to see the dynamic content from every single side, turning heads and ultimately driving sales. Find out more about the Absolut Travel Retail 3D Pedestal here.


The real show-stopper was our Kinetic Light Show?. It was impossible for anybody to pass by the Kinetic Light Show? without stopping to enjoy the colorful dancing orbs. Viewers were able to see it implemented both as an in-store installation to highlight a product or as a stunning interior design piece. With full control of the color, speed, height and luminance, the possibilities for the Kinetic Light Show? are endless. Find out more about it here.


Our moving screens told the Outform story, showing visitors what we do and who we are as a company. What looked like four large screens turned into a show of synchronized movement, giving those who stopped by an unexpected surprise!


The Consumer Journey Game was a real crowd pleaser. Packed with sound effects, music, and flashing lights, the custom interactive pinball table let users explore the consumer journey with various store departments. Players had a blast racking up points and competing against one another for the top score!


The Window Light Show? was another eye-catcher. Through its glimmering lights and stunning animations, the Window Light Show? gave guests a real visual treat. Not only did it capture attention of those who passed the Outform booth, it made them stop and enjoy the show, proving the exact benefits of this product – capturing attention which can then be converted into sales. Find out more about the Window Light Show? here.


Other products featured were our iDisplay interactive tablets in various sizes, as well as out Endless Aisle Kiosk solution. Find out more about these products here.


Outform’s presence at this year’s Globalshop made a real impact. Everyone who stopped by had a great time engaging with the Outform team as well as exploring the space and interactive with the different displays and products. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and if you missed the show, take a look at the video below to see all the action that took place!