Globalshop 2019

Featuring The Interactive Experience Collection

This year’s Globalshop was full of incredible technology and innovation. We were excited to share our Interactive Experience Collection with the visitors and show everyone how Outform is shaping the future of retail. Our booth displayed how products could be brought to life in meaningful, brand-relevant and user-centric ways. Below are just some of the experiences that we showcased.

AR Experiences

Visitors were able to get virtual makeovers of their hair and lips using AR technology. The experiences showed users how this technology can create instant customer engagement to provide retail theater and next-level of product immersion.?Click here to learn more.



RFID and Lift & Learn Experiences

These experiences used in-store actions to create intuitive interaction between the products and users. Two applications of RFID technology were featured, allowing visitors to learn more information through a digital screen by either lifting a product off a pedestal and rack or placing a product on a pedestal.??Click here to learn more.



Wearables Experience

This experience allows visitors to explore different ways of showcasing luxury watches and wearables. While the underlying elements of these experiences are different, both are meant to showcase the products in their native format without interference, keeping the products as the focal point. The end result is an intuitive, brand-focused experience that allows users explore wearables like never before.?Click here to learn more.



Other experiences included Robotics, holographics, voice, touch, and audio.



Trends Talks at Shop

Outform’s CEO, Ariel Haroush, spoke on the next evolution of retail, including how to meet consumer expectations, why innovation is crucial for surviving in retail, and how to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions through a mix of technology, business, and design to create elevated in-store experiences.



Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at Globalshop this year! If you would like to connect with us, please reach out to us at – let’s shape the future of retail together!