iDISPLAY New Gen 10″ Update

Now in 4G with upgraded storage, and Android support


The iDISPLAY Tablet 10.1” is the affordable point of entry into the world of interactive retail experiences, designed to fit any retail format or location. iDISPLAY is a fully interactive commercial display that uses capacitive touch, built in WiFi and LAN, and a host of integrated features that work in either landscape or portrait format. Powered by Pulse technology and the Android operating system, this modern display is the ultimate plug and play retail solution. Easily integrated with existing CMS software, iDISPLAY can be remotely updated, acting as a sustainable and accessible upgrade to traditional print marketing, and providing opportunities for adaptable marketing messages.

The new Gen 10″ is now offered in 4G and has double the storage, upgrading from the previous model’s 8GB, to 16GB in addition to a 2GB RAM in comparison to the previous model’s 1GB RAM. Furthermore, the new Gen 10″ has a chip upgrade from RK3188 to RK3288, allowing support of Android??5.1, 6.0, 7.1, and 8.1.

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